The flight up to Europe was pretty killer. I couldn’t sleep very well and it was SO long! We landed around 11 in the morning and soon enough were off to our hotel in Paddington. Our hotel is called Tune and our rooms are actually pretty tiny. The weirdest thing about the hotel is that they charge for towels, they aren’t something that comes with the room! We all took a nap for about an hour or two and then we took off to visit a department store called Herrods. We passed through Hyde Park on the way and it really reminds me of Central Park! Here’s hoping that we visit often! The birds there are ginormous and there are swans everywhere. We noticed that here all the cars are extremely fancy and I’ve seen about 10 ferraris today. When we got to Herrods we explored a bit and it’s full of high end shops (Gucci, Fendi, MAC) and then we got a bite to eat at theirs fancy looking restaurant called Gavin’s. I normally avoid these type of places because usually the food bites and the prices are crazy high yet it was a nice surprise. While the food was pricey the salad I got was very tasty. After we ate we passed another food area and guess what was in the drink section? Bubble tea! My absolute favorite, so of course I grabbed it. The only other thing I bought was from the toy store. (Hint, Hint Kelly and Karah. ) After walking home for a long while, taking dorky tourist pictures, we stopped at a fish and chips place to get some food. I gotta say I wasn’t too impressed the chips were greasy and Sara said the fish was dry. (Also no ketchup just tartar sauce😨Back at the hotel we talked for a while and Sara just fell asleep on me and I might just join her now. Wimbledon is coming up next tomorrow !

With love,



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