June 28th post

So today we woke up and got ready for the day. Ali, Sara and I went across the street to Tesco Express, a grocery store and Sara picked up a cinnamon bun that looked like it came from a bakery. We decided that it was too rainy to go to Wimbledon today and so Mr. Ahmed suggested we go to the Tower of London. After that we joined her parents and went to a bagel cafe and I got the Little Italy bagel. It was SO good. It had pesto, sun-dried tomatoes and cheese. Yum! I also ordered tea because you gotta have at least some tea in london! Am I right? Well I wasn’t too impressed with it, it was very hot when I got it and a little before we finally left it had barely gotten cool and I could just start tasting the flavor. Oh well, at least I can check it off my bucketlist. After that we hopped onto the double decker bus (Really cool!!) and of course Sara and I grabbed the seats in front on the 2nd floor. It really is the perfect view of London. The london shops are crazy, while we’re lucky to have an H&M miles and miles away. They have them on almost every street! The same goes for a ton of other restaurants. Starbucks and McDonalds were clearly outnumbered. We had a little mix up and got off the bus thinking it was going the wrong way. Yet we walked over to the front of the National Gallery and took some pictures there. When we were done with that we hopped back on and heading over to the Tower of London! It’s Huge! Before we got in we ate and I grabbed a margharita pizza. It tasted just like New York pizza…Yum. The first place we visited was the Crown Jewels and everywhere you heard different languages. English suddenly sounded very ugly in my mouth compared to even simple sentences in Italian and French. When we were standing in line (or queue as they call it) we noticed a man standing in the royal guard uniform everyone said it was a statue but suddenly (scaring everyone a bit) he swung up his leg, tapped it to his heel and began to march. The Crown Jewels were gorgeous and all 100% real. After we went to the Bloody tower, which was set up like a murder mystery kind of thing to determine who killed the two princes that died there. Then we went to the torture room (😱😫) and went to look out on the centennial bridge (Reminds me of the Olympics last year) Sara and I went alone so we asked a man to take a picture. He replied, Only if you smile and the first 100 pictures are free! Then as he was taking it he yelled cheeseburgers! He accidentally switched the camera to the front and said, Oh who is that scary looking man! Sara and I both laughed and he took a very good picture of us. After Sara and I needed to use the restroom, her dad handed us some money and we both were a little confused. It seems that in London public restrooms aren’t free! How weird! When we came back her dad had gotten us some ice cream and even though we were making fun of eating it because it was so cold out before it wasn’t as cold as I thought it’d be. It was much creamier than cold. Later we went to Oxford Circus and shopped at Topshop and H&M, got a shirt there. Then as we were watching some street dancers, I felt my foot get warm but didn’t think anything of it and then it burned me and I looked down to see a cigarette on my foot. Ugh how gross! That’s one thing about this city, lots of smokers. We headed home and stopped by a Lebenese restaurant. Our waiter was a bit menacing and it took a really long time but the food was pretty much to die for. I got a houllum wrap (Forgive me if I spelled that wrong) which had Lebenese bread, aubergines, hollumi (tastes just like cheese sticks) lettuce and tomatoes. We got up to our hotel and then we settled in for the night. Very good day!:) Bus tour and London Eye probably tomorrow! 

Love y’all and miss you!
(Sorry for being a day late)

June 28th postSo today we woke up and


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