June 29

This morning we woke up and went to eat at a cute little cafe on our street. I got the tomato soup and it was muy bien. Then we went to take a Big bus tour and got in the top of it. You put your headphones into the seat in front of you and listen to different things about the street and it played some obnoxious classical music afterward. We got off close to the london eye and Big Ben and took a whole bunch of pictures. As we crossed the bridge we got roasted peanuts and saw people playing the guess where the marble is in the cup game. I’ve never seem that in real life before! Then we bought our tickets, went to the restroom (thankfully free of charge) and went onto the London eye. It was pretty altophobic friendly and you could see the entire city. Pretty cool experience! Afterward we ate at this Chinese restaurant where our waiter wasn’t very friendly but the food was really good in my opinion. I had a little meal, about 6 spring rolls but the place had free wifi and that made up for it. We went home on a place that had a real person guide and it was MUCH better. You could actually learn about the different places, we passed parliament, the buckingham palace, and Westminster abbey. When we got back to the hotel we waited for Mrs. Ahmed’s old friend who lives here now from India and her family. She had a 15 year old daughter and she said that she thought our American accents were cool! We ate at a fancy Indian restaurant, yummy! That’s the best thing about eating with the Ahmed’s it’s always do diverse. There were some awkward silences but overall it was a good time. After the dinner we all went to bed and I’ll say we had a pretty great day as always!:)



2 thoughts on “June 29

  1. Betty Flores says:

    Have you paid for ice also?? We did paid for ice in 1973 when we went to Europe.
    Love you Grandma and Grandpa Flores

    • We haven’t paid for ice yet! They don’t even provide water for you so we have just been getting water bottles! I miss you all! Love you very much

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