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July 2 -Vienna

Today we woke up and got some super yummy breakfast. I got a croissant covered in Nutella! (They actually have Nutella spread like butter spread for bread😍) Then put my cup in a little machine and it made hot cocoa for me! Very cool! After breakfast we got ready and then went out to start the bus tours. I thought this tour was a little better than the one in London. We learned that Mozart and Beethoven lived here which is crazy to think about. Austria is super beautiful even the McDonalds is extremely fancy the only thing is I feel like such a foreigner! Everyone here speaks German! And if they do speak english it’s pretty rough. We visited an ice cream shop and worried about not being understood thankfully vanilla is just vanille in German. The ice cream and pastries here are to die for!! In the park the Ahmed’s were approached by an Indian Hindu man who talked and asked for a donation for his temple. He told the Ahmed’s about their future and it was pretty spot on. About Mr. Ahmed’s business and how Mrs. Ahmed worried a lot about her health. I didn’t really understand the conversation at all because it was in (and forgive me for possible butchering this) Urdu, the language the Ahmed’s speak. It was pretty interesting. After seeing the sites crossing the Danube river, taking pics at parliament, and looking at some cool graffiti we stopped to eat pizza and more gelato. The transport here is so vast. You can take a train, a bus, a trolley, the subway, a car, or a bike! For the bikes the first hour is even free! And after each hour is only a euro, pretty sweet. Then we went home to our beautiful hotel and are starting to sleep. Perfect day in Vienna, first day of the whole trip I could wear shorts! Hugs and kisses!



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