July 4

Happy 4th of July everyone!

This morning we woke up super early for our Budapest trip! We had to run because we were running a little late for the bus. We slept the entire bus ride (missing out on a bunch of scenery:/) and when we got into Budapest it was absolutely gorgeous! Way better than I expected. The money was really confusing to work out but I got a couple of things, luckily they accepted euros. It was interesting because our tour guide said it was also called the city of caves because on the Buda side there are tons of them! We ate some pretty good mushroom soup, literal grilled cheese, cheese that they grilled, and some yummy crepes. Afterwards we got back on the bus along the Danube river and got some free time. We went out to get some pastries and everything looked amazing. They had macaroons stacked up like trees, cakes galore, and tons of gelato. I got the gelato and then we toured around some souvenir shops. After we hopped back onto the bus and prepared for the long journey on the way back home. I stayed up for this and the scenery resembled the sound of music. I laughed and told Sara that I wanted to stay here for the rest of my life just singing, The hills are alive to the sound of music… About three hours later we were home and we went and got Indian dinner, as always super good. Then we went to our favorite ice cream shop and grabbed the newly founded flavor poppy-seed. Sara didn’t like it as much as I did though! We then walked through the area with all the shops window-shopping as almost everything in Vienna closes at 6. Back at the hotel we packed up and got ready for our flight to Switzerland.

Goodbye Vienna, I’ll miss you a ton! Love you all and miss you too.



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