July 5 and 6

July 5

We flew over to Zurich today and I wasn’t feeling too great because of the cold I had. Luckily, for me, it was a short flight and there we were! In Switzerland! When we got to our hotel we found out that the Ahmed’s had a reward card so we got free wifi and access to the executive lounge! Woohoo! It was great, free food 24/7. Then we went up to our rooms and our view overlooking the city was absolutely gorgeous!! We found out a huge concert called Züri Fäscht was going on that only takes place every 3 years. It was a pretty big deal. So around 5 we headed down there and it was crazy packed! Think New York on New Year’s Eve and that’s how packed it was! There were tons of bars, music booths, cute but $$$$ shops, and different carnival rides and games. It was great! Around 10 we were looking for a good place to stand for the firework show! Funny that we get a fireworks show a day after the 4th of July! Around 10:30 it started and I began to film the entire thing! It was gorgeous because the fireworks reflected off of the water. The whole thing lasted a whole 30 min and I saw fireworks I’ve never seen before here. It was a great show and my arm hurt after recording the entire thing. Mr. Ahmed said that he had heard the show costed them about 700,00 dollars! Wow! Definitely one of my favorite parts of the trip! Afterwards we came home to the executive room with Ali and Sara and I learned how to play the card game, Egyptian! And I was absolutely horrible at it! Haha! It was a very good day!

July 6

Today was pretty much a down day because I was feeling a little sick and so was Sara. I went to the doctor earlier in the morning and it helped me not stress so much about me being sick. He said I had a simple cold and my ears are feeling funky just because of the plane. It gave me a good peace of mind. We went out for a little and walked around. We looked at H&M and didn’t really find anything. Then we stopped by a couple of watch stores where the watches and different jewelry was absolutely gorgeous! Then we passed by a little souvenir shop and holy moly! The Swiss and their knives! They had butcher knives, little knives, huge knives, you name it they got it! Later we passed through the festival again and it was still pretty crowded. We saw the big church by the Ferris wheel and headed home to the hotel. I grabbed lunch there and even though
the portion sizes are very small, they’re very filling. I felt better later on in the evening after taking a nap. To our surprise we saw that the firework show was different than the one we saw the day before while we watched in our hotel. We wanted to see better and hear better so we went downstairs and Mr. Ahmed came with us. We watched the rest and there was this really cool shooting star one that lasted incredibly long for a firework. Sara and I returned to the executive room to play cards and an hour or two later we came back to our room to sleep! Going on a train mañana!🚞

Goodnight y’all! Love you, miss you mucho.



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