July 7

Today we woke up early and packed up from our luxury Marriott hotel and walked down to the train station. We had to run because it was arriving in 4 minutes but we all made it. The train ride was short but the small amount of scenery that we saw was all green meadows with flowers and cows grazing along. Very pretty. When we got into Lucerne it looked pretty average but as we rode along the lake-oh my goodness- so beautiful! Our hotel was the only one in the city to be on lake-front property. I fell in love with this place. Our room looked right out over the dayWe pretty much hanged out at the hotel because there’s not too much to do in the city. We grabbed dinner and I had a very interesting cheese plate. At least I can say I’ve eaten Swiss cheese in Switzerland now and cross it off my food bucket list! Afterwards Sara and I went down to the sauna. It was crazy hot and Sara could only take it for a little while. I got out after about 20-30 min and then went back up to take a shower. Afterwards I went outside, sunbathing with Sara and all of her family and I watched the sun go down on the boat dock. This was definitely one of my favorite days on the trip because of the scenery and how relaxing it was too bad we didn’t spend another day in Lucerne.

Love you all sorry I’m behind on updates! I’m coming home today:)



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