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July 1

This morning I woke up around 2am and Sara and I packed up. When our taxi picked us up around 4am we said our goodbyes to London. In the airport we checked in our bags and as we waited I tried to upload as many pictures as possible to here because we had free wifi. I got a strawberry power smoothie for breakfast. When we got on the plane it was cool because when we were getting on the plane we walked up the stairs to it. The flight was pretty short but I couldn’t sleep because there was a pretty cute guy sitting to my left and I didn’t want to accidentally sleep on his shoulder! When our plane landed we got a taxi to our hotel. Our taxi driver only spoke German and it seems like a pretty German dominated place. When we got to the Hotel it was much nicer than the one in London. Our bathroom here is the size of our room there. We slept for about two hours and then got up for lunch. I had a pasta, potato and cheese thing. It sure was interesting. Then we went back for a while and then we went out shopping. The architecture here is beautiful, There’s a church right in the middle of a giant shopping center. We got ice cream, looked around and then we got a pastry that was really good at a bakery. Now we’re sitting in our hotel room watching German television which is extremely strange. Goodnight y’all! Much love from Austria!


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June 30

This morning we got up and sadly found out that we couldn’t go to Wimbledon since they take a holiday on Sunday. We ate at the Bagel café down our street again. Then we went to Buckingham Palace and I must say its a lot more impressive than the White House. Much bigger and the grounds around it are prettier. You enter the gates by coming through a park. After we saw the guards baracades right next to the queens palace. We took another bus to St. Paul’s cathedral and it was really gorgeous. They were having mass at the time so we couldn’t take a tour so the Ahmed’s and I all lit a candle in the chapel. Then we left to take a boat ride on the Thames river. We had a really nice tour guide (who wasn’t officially a tour guide) who pointed out all the buildings and told us a bunch of facts. For example, Big Ben is actually named after the bell inside the tower. It’s named Big Ben because the commissioner was very short and fat and resembled a bell. He also said a big secret of London was that the commissioner first name wasn’t actually Benjamin that was his nickname, his first name was Richard. But they didn’t want to call the tower Big Richard! After the boat ride we shopped at the biggest tourist shop ever called cool Brittania in Picadilly circus and grabbed several gifts from there. Then we saw a man playing the drums really well and some 3 living statues. We took the underground back to Paddington and got strawberries and cream and some macaroons. Then we went to an Italian restaurant, getting the veggie pizza of course! I got inducted into the family by passing 9/10 questions right about cars! Woohoo! (With only a little help from Sara’s brother Ali…Shh…) Got some cheesecake with berries on top and headed on home to pack! On the way home we saw the coolest thing, a street art picture by Banksy! Banksy is the most famous street artist in the world known for living in London, creating controversial and beautiful pieces of art. It was cool that we actually got to see one. The last day day of London was amazing and I know I’m going to miss it! Off to Vienna, Austria next!

Much love,
Cailyn ❤🇬🇧😘